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Welcome to St'marys loft
racing pigeon website.
At St'marys loft our goal
is very simple we breed and
race the best possible
pigeon passing this on
through the generations
maintaining the high
standards we set ourselves.
Since 2014 we have introduced and build a world class stock family of pigeons.
We have top blood lines in our loft like Dirk van den Bulck, Denis Sapin, Lambrechts ,Heremans Ceusters and for distance racing   Pavel Pocedic (czech republic) birds.
We have in the stock lofts Dirk van den Bulck lines like "Red Alert" , "Klein Duiverke", "New Kittel"
and many more.'
we have oryginal birds from denis sapin and they are base of our breeding loft.

In our stock loft you can found 2 half brothers to "Red Alert" 2 half sister and our gold breeding hen full sister "electric blue"they are top class pigeons.
in 2021 we start build team of heremans ceusters birds for middle distance racing.

To make available what we have today a lot of money and hard work has been put in to acquiring some of the finest stock pigeon available, for the purpose of establishing a world class stock team which we can work with and continually breed from to ensure the correct type and body build is maintained throughout the family.
However, we hope our successes of our own top racing results and our customers who return year after year.

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